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Ankle Strap (AS003) on

Ankle Strap (AS003) on

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Cable ankle straps are fitness accessories designed for use in the gym or home workout settings to isolate and target the glute muscles during exercises like cable kickbacks and leg lifts. These ankle straps typically feature a loop or attachment point where you can connect them to a cable machine or resistance band. Here's how they are used to isolate your glutes during workouts:

1. **Attachment:** Secure the cable ankle strap to the lower pulley of a cable machine or attach it to a resistance band.

2. **Ankle Strap Placement:** Put one ankle through the loop or attach the strap securely around your ankle.

3. **Exercise Selection:** Choose glute-targeting exercises, such as cable kickbacks, cable leg lifts, or hip abductions.

4. **Adjust Resistance:** Adjust the weight on the cable machine or choose a resistance band with the appropriate tension.

5. **Execution:** Perform the selected exercise while keeping your ankle securely attached to the cable ankle strap. This isolates the glute muscles, as they are the primary muscles engaged in these movements.

By using cable ankle straps, you can increase the effectiveness of your glute-focused workouts and ensure that you are specifically targeting and isolating your glutes for better muscle development and tone.


SIZE: One Size 

COLOR: Black 



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